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AUGUST 2013                      " THE CROSS" Cathedral Works ~ PORTSMOUTH CATHEDRAL : Hampshire

AUGUST 2012                      " THE CROSS " Cathedral works. ~ MANCHESTER CATHEDRAL

24/04/2011 to 19/08/2011        'The Cross'  EXHIBITION DATES  EXTENDED UNTIL SEPTEMBER 2011
                                                    A Solo exhibition of my work at the Truro Cathedral in Cornwall.

Artist's Statement

In making each of these paintings I draw upon that deep well of symbolic expression surrounding the meaning of the Christian Cross, which has existed for over two thousand years. The beauty is in their simplicity and in their timeless truth ~ they speak of the eternal. Each one reflects some aspect of the layered depth of meaning of Christ's sacrifice on the Cross: including the compassion, the agony, universality, peace and the joy of redemption through Christ's resurrection. Not being a 'wordsmith' these paintings must speak for themselves.

Since Byzantine times, through to our present day, certain artists have bravely attempted to create work as a testimony to their Christian Faith. I enjoy working in this great tradition , and trust that these works may reflect - through their primary colours- the fundamental nature of our Faith and Hope. The paintings have a rationale.

There are three primary colours, from which all secondary and tertiary colours are derived: these become a metaphor for the Holy Trinity.
Red is of course associated with the blood of Christ.  Yellow, the  Father and 'Light of the world' , whilst Blue often speaks of the Holy Spirit.
The Cross often creates a division of four : this can be seen as the four Gospels , the four Seasons, or the four Elements ( being earth -air-fire-and water)
Gold-The Latin word for "Gold" is the same as the Hebrew for "Light". Gold is the image of spiritual light and of the divine: hence it symbolically represents God, the King of Kings.         White, represents purity, timelessness or Eternity.
The  symbolic significance of the Cross contains the vertical spiritual axis from heaven to earth, and the horizontal axis signifies this earthly realm. The central point of contact is , in that sense , the meeting place between heaven and earth.

The focus of this work is the celebration of Truth, the representation of the one single Cross on which Jesus the 'Only begotten Son' of God gave his life for us individually. This world's worst efforts could not kill God , and these paintings carry the joyful resurrection message - that God's Holy Spirit is still with us now here today.

The future and  travelling journey of these  "Cathedral Works " paintings, is as fragile as our own individual passage through life . I have attempted here to raise our sight and to emphasise the positive and the profound.

I would sincerely like to thank all those individuals who have so generously helped me to make this exhibition possible . (Particularly  Professor Alan Livingston, Canon Philip Lambert, Colin Reid . Stuart Thorn for boxed set catalogue at stdesign@btinternet , & Paul Richards : Photography  ) 

This collection of work is dedicated to my son Finian , and to my daughter Rebecca for their tireless encouragement.