Michael O'Donnell -  b, May 1946

Studied : Bath Academy of Art Corsham, Wiltshire in the sixties, has worked at various Art Schools including the Falmouth College of Arts, Has been formerly involved with the development of various Arts organisations including The Tate ( St. Ives,) - Leach Restoration Project - South West Arts in Exeter. Closely associated with the original Trewarveneth Studio in Newlyn . Cornwall for over thirty years.  Whilst having a working studio throughout his life as  focused entirely on his drawings and paintings and has worked full time on his artwork for many years.


1985-1987        - South West Arts, Bradninch Place, Gandy Street, Exeter.

                     - Various Arts Panels,Awards Panels,Management Boards.

                     - Exhibition Selection and Hanging Committees

                     - Arts Forum and planning meetings etc..

1987-1988        - Elected Member, South West Arts Council of Management working in an advisory capacity to the                                      Executive  Board.

1988-1989        - Appointed to the Executive Board as a non-executive Director for the Visual Arts and Crafts.                                                Working with Sir Anthony Wilson (Chairman) in setting up the new Regional Arts Board.

                       - Member of the South West Arts Appointments Panel.

1989-1992        -  Member Regional Arts Executive Board, South West Arts.

1992-1994        - Appointed Vice-Chairman, Executive Honary Officer  to the South West Arts Regional Arts Board                                          in Exeter.    

                     - Wide responsibilities across all Art Forms on all Executive Matters, throughout the Region.                                                -  Liaison on National Issues,and planning. 

1993-2009        - Appointed to the Tate  (St. Ives) Advisory Council.

2003-2008        - Advocate / Founder member  Leach Pottery  Restoration Project.


                     - (3 Arts Council Publications to accompany a Major Exhibition)

                     - “Richard Long Sculpture”

                     - “Peter Joseph Paintings”

                     - “David Tremlett Drawing 

                     -  Michael O’Donnell - “Signs” -  Arts Council Sponsored Publication to accompany my one man                                                         

                           exhibition at the Newlyn Gallery in Cornwall.

                     -  Michael O'Donnell - “Stars” -  Book of Drawings for the Bath Festival Exhibition.         

                     _  Michael O'Donnell ~  "THE CROSS"  Cathedral Works - (Boxed Set of paintings}


1971-1975        - Chichester City Art Gallery Sussex - Wheel Gallery Sussex - Newlyn Gallery - Penwith Gallery, St. Ives                             - Forum Gallery Brighton - Arts Council Travelling Exhibitions - Amnesty Sculpture Show in Bristol and                                  London - Westward T.V (Independent Television Major Exhibition Selection)

1976-1986        - Newlyn Gallery (Regularly) - Penwith Gallery St. Ives - ”Coastline” a major travelling show                               - Arts Council GB - Plymouth Arts Centre - The Brewhouse Gallery Taunton - Spacex Gallery Exeter   - The Victoria Gallery Bath - Arlington Mill in Bibury, Gloucestershire - Plymouth City Museum  and Art Gallery  - Bookworks to Peru- British Council Exhibition.

1986-1995        - The Crawford Municipal Art Gallery, Cork. - The Manx Museum, Isle of Man - Glasgow Arts Centre                                      Scotland - Oriel Mostyn Art Gallery, Llandudno - The Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff                                                                   - The Guiness Hop Store Gallery, Dublin - The Bede Gallery, Jarrow - Newlyn Gallery in Cornwall   - Cairn Gallery, Nailsworth in Gloucestershire - Kohler Gallery, London.

1996                   - “Then and Now”  David Messum , Cork Street  , London.

1997-2002        - Continued  Work in progress of large drawings, new studio established etc

2004 -2010       - Ongoing creative work as an artist continues full time since retiring as a Senior Lecturer  

                         - Museums in Japan 

                     - Works in Private Collections in the UK and Europe

2010              - Peppercanister Gallery, Dublin  ~ invitation with my friend Breon O'Casey.    

2011                   - Ongoing creative work continues for 'The Cross' solo exhibition at Truro Cathedral.   
                               24th April to 19th September 2011.
2011                  October - Created " Isles of Scilly Cross " - my gift for the people of the islands.

2012                  August  / September - Solo Exhibition : Manchester Cathedral  ,  Lancashire. - "The Cross

2013                  Easter :  "White Cross"  Ludgvan Church , Nr Penzance . Cornwall 

2014                Portsmouth Cathedral  solo exhibition Portsmouth Cathedral 

2016-                 Paintings for Churches  - many various locations in UK and  overseas
2020.           WORK CONTINUES TODAY